a. The Applicant warrants the complete accuracy of the information given upon the application to establish the Card Account and any subsequent communication with Bank;
b. The applicant shall not make any payment to any person except the Bank in respect of goods or services with the use of the card;
c. The applicant can issue the card for himself/herself or for another beneficiary, relative from the first degree.
d. Applicant and/or beneficiary must not be under 18 years old.
e. There is no need to have an account in the bank to issue a card.
f. The card number, the expiry date, the name and the CVC number remain confidential and should not be shared with other parties.
g. Subject to the right of the Bank in its absolute discretion and without prior notice, at any time to withdraw the right to use the card, or to refuse any request for authorization of, any particular Card Transaction and to publish any such withdrawal or refusal.
h. This agreement shall be governed by the Iraqi and Kurdistan Regional Government Law;

The card may only be used:
a. By that Cardholder;
b. For internet only.
c. Subject to the Terms of Agreement current at the time of use;
d. To obtain the facilities and benefits from time to time made available by the Bank in respect of the use of the Card;
e. The minimum limit of the card will be USD 50 and the maximum limit will be USD2000. The first minimum value will be for the amount of USD 500.
f. For any lawful purpose, including the purchase of goods or services not prohibited by the Iraqi and Kurdish Law;
g. The validity of the card is one year and can only be used during the validity period appearing on the Card;